Contact Me

My name is Lawrence E. Hughes. I was born and raised in Florida, and got my B.S. in Pure Math, with a minor in Physics, from Florida State University, way back in 1973. I built my first PC (an Altair 8800) in 1975. Along the way I created and ran Mycroft Labs (Tallahassee, FL), Mika LP (Atlanta, GA), CipherTrust (Altanta, GA) and InfoWeapons (Cebu, Philippines).

From 1998 to 2000 I worked for VeriSign, created and presented their training in crypto and PKI, and helped bring up some national CAs in the UK, the Netherlands and Australia (VeriSign affiliates).

At CipherTrust, I created the first secure E-mail Proxy appliance (IronMail) as their first CTO. I wrote a book on Internet Email, still available from – Internet E-mail: Protocols Standards and Implementation.

I am currently CEO of Sixscape Communications Pte Ltd, based in Singapore. We are reinventing PKI now at Sixscape based on what I leared at VeriSign. We are also creating secure messaging solutions for E-mail, Chat and other protocols. We are the first company to implement RFC 3923, XMPP with S/MIME. I plan to create a new generation of messaging apps that will be able to connect directly from one device to another over IPv6, without any intermediary servers. This is the future of messaging.

You can reach me via E-mail at info at Please, recruiters, salesmen, personal wealth managers and anyone else trying to sell me something, don’t send mail to this address. I will block you. If you have legitimate questions about IPv6 or the Third Internet, I will try to respond if I have time. I’m pretty busy these days trying to build Yet Another Company.

If you want to argue that IPv4 is sufficient for the remainder of time, and it was good enough for your father and grandfather, or that IPv6 is scary and probably a commie plot, please send your email to devnull at

I will later deploy a forum where you can ask other fans noobie or advanced questions about IPv6 or the Third Internet. I will try to participate in this when time permits.

If you want to work for Sixscape Communications, feel free to send a CV to jobs at We do not hire people right out of college, and are not looking to outsource development to a really great group in Pago-Pago. If you are really bright, and a really great C#.Net developer (esp. with Xamarin), know security, know how to implement a network protocol (e.g. SMTP), and are willing and able to relocate to Singapore, feel free to apply. Unfortunately our government strictly limits the number of non-local people we can hire (for every ten Singaporeans we hire, we can obtain one S-Pass for a foreigner).