Create Dual Stack Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on AWS

As a first step towards deploying dual stack Operating Systems in AWS, you need to create a dual stack Virtual Private Cloud (subnet). This will allocate a /56 block of IPv6 addresses for your VPC, in addition to a single public IPv4 address. You can then deploy one or more /64 subnets of IPv6 and one or more blocks of internal IPv4 addresses in VPC Subnets. You can then deploy various instances in that VPC that use public IPv6 addresses in your block and private IPv4 addresses behind public IPv4 addresses. If you already have an AWS account, you can go straight to creating your dual stack VPC.

You will also have to learn how to work with the AWS firewall associated with each instance. This controls traffic to and from each instance. It has full support for both IPv4 and IPv6. Basic instance firewall operation is also covered.

Create a Dual Stack Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in AWS