Dual Stack Website Hosting

Most web hosting services currently offer only IPv4. A few are starting to see the light. This website (the one you are viewing now) is hosted at Vodien in Singapore. They do a very good job of both providing you with a tiny slice of one of their precious public IPv4 addresses (like other web hosting companies) PLUS a tiny slice of a public IPv6 address (sorry it’s still not a unique IPv6 global address for each website). You can publish both addresses in DNS and anyone in the world can connect to your site whether they have only IPv4, only IPv6 or both (Dual Stack).

Default Server: ws2008a.hughesnet-sg.org
Address: 2001:470:ed3d:1000::11

> www.thirdinternet.com
Server: ws2008a.hughesnet-sg.org
Address: 2001:470:ed3d:1000::11

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: www.thirdinternet.com
Addresses: 2403:cb00:cb02:101:100:211:111:0

For example the IPv4 address of this site is I share that with a bunch of other Vodien customer’s websites. You can’t reach it with a numeric IP address, only by a nodename. Their server directs your connection to the correct website by nodename. The IPv6 address of this site is 2403:cb00:cb02:101:100:211:111:0. Again, I share that address with a bunch of other Vodien customers. But, it works (so long as people connect to my site by fully qualified domain name). I happen to have another website hosted by them (www.learn-csharp.net) and amazingly it has exactly the same IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as this site – but their servers always connect me to the correct site when I use the fully qualified domain name.

Initially I did have to ask Vodien for an IPv6 address (even though their website advertised support for both IPv4 and IPv6) – and to provide it they moved me to another server that had IPv6 addresses routed to it. Maybe someday all of their customers will automatically get both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

I’ve had no problems with people being able to access this site over IPv6. It is a real global IPv6 address even if it is shared. This is a really simple way to make your website accessible over both IPv4 and IPv6. For some extra money, they will give you your very own dedicated IP addresses. With web hosting, there is not much reason to do this.