Recipes for FreeBSD Application Deployment

The recipes in this section can be installed on FreeBSD on any platform (VirtualBox, hardware or AWS). To deploy these applications, you will need to have deployed Dual FreeBSD on one of these platforms. If you haven’t done this yet, see the following sections:

Deploy Dual Stack FreeBSD 10.3 on Virtual Box or Hardware

Deploy Dual Stack FreeBSD 10.3 on AWS


Deploy Dual Stack Apache Web Server 2.4 and PHP 5.6

Apache is the most widely used Open Source web server. It is very simple to install and manage, and has very good performance. PHP is a popular web scripting language that runs on Apache. Many Open Source projects are designed to run on FreeBSD with Apache with PHP 5.6 and MySQL (FAMP).

Deploy Dual Stack Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.6 on FreeBSD 10.3


Deploy Dual Stack MySQL Server 5.1

[coming soon]


Deploy Dual Stack OpenLDAP

OpenLDAP is a very popular and well implemented server for LDAPv3. It runs best on FreeBSD or Linux. This recipe shows how to deploy OpenLDAP with SASL on FreeBSD 10.3, with full dual stack support. Of course, the FreeBSD must be Dual Stack for the OpenLDAP to be Dual Stack.

Deploy Dual Stack OpenLDAP Server 2.4 with SASL on FreeBSD 10.3