IPv6 Certification

There are several ways you can get certified in IPv6.

If you take current Cisco CCNA or CCIE certification, they now cover the topics in the IPv6 Forum official training. So current Cisco certifications count as IPv6 certification.

There are many organizations that provide commercial training and certification based on the IPv6 Forum curriculum – information is available from the IPv6 Forum website. If you are certified by an IPv6 Forum certified trainer, you will be listed on that website.

Less “official” but still very useful (and a lot of fun), you can go through free IPv6 (self directed) certification via the Hurricane Electric IPv6 certification program. They have many levels of accomplishment, the top being “Sage”.

I would like to list all Filipinos who have obtained any level of IPv6 certification from Cisco, IPv6 Forum trainers, or Hurricane Electric on this website. We will be setting up an IPv6 Lab at DOST Region 7 in Cebu, Philippines to help people learn and experience IPv6 first hand. You will be able to deploy all of the labs needed to obtain HE certification at the DOST IPv6 Lab. If you are a Filipino with current IPv6 certification, please send me your credentials for posting.